Famous Stars Once Placed in Foster Care

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Many famous celebrities have untold stories about their experiences upon being placed in foster care. Read on to learn more about their pasts.

Hundreds of popular celebrities were once placed in foster care as children,Guest Posting a little known fact about many stars that consumers hardly remember or do not even know about. Thousands of children are placed in foster homes in the United States each year, so it comes with little surprised that eventually a few of them become super stars with a childhoods in foster care.

Widely known for his time at Saturday Night Live and his roles in Beverly Hills Cop and the Nutty Professor, actor and comedian Eddie Murphy spent one year in a foster home along with his older brother. This happened to the Murphy brothers once their father had passed away and their mother became too ill to care for the young boys.

Legendary country music singer and songwriter, Willie Nelson, also grew up in foster care. His mother abandoned him shortly after she gave birth to the boy, followed shortly by his biological father thereafter. From this point on Willie Nelson took refuge in foster care by extended family members, a feature common for the time.

Marilyn Monroe also spent time in foster homes. For nearly the first seven years of her life, Norma Jean Mortenson, grew up with in a foster home headed by a couple in California. After illness struck her foster family, she was then transferred to the state and housed in Los Angeles County Orphans Home. She would visit several others before she would marry just after she turned sixteen.

Famous fictional comic book character, Superman, was also a foster child. Superman’s adoption by John and Martha Kent after his spacecraft landed near their home meant that the archetype of Superman’s character would become the world’s first interplanetary foster child. Raised there throughout his adolescence, Clark Kent grew up to become the most powerful superhero we have all known for years.

Human Rights activist and minister, Malcom X, also grew up in various foster conditions. After white supremacists had killed his father, his mother was placed in several mental illness facilities. This left Malcom Little will no other option than to join the ranks of thousands of young African Americans that continue to grow disproportionally as foster children.

After her mother became too mentally ill to care for her, Charlotte Ayanna would spend several of her teen years from one foster home to another. She would eventually become Miss Teen USA and a successful actress starring in such films as Kate and Leopold, Love the Hard Way, and Training Day, with Denzel Washington. Her book titled “Lost in the System” details much of her experiences in and out of foster homes as a teen.

Few realize that many foster children have gone on to become massively successful. These few celebrities and former foster children are a testament to this fact. There are hundreds of other actors, celebrities, businessmen, comedians, artists, and athletes who were once a part of the foster system. As hundreds of children continue to enter this syste


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